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Or fewer of them I suppose. Upon examining the hole in the porch soffit, and the rest of the soffit board, more closely, I’ve come to the determination that a large section of board will need to be replaced, and likely some backing board will need to be tucked inside to hold the gutter more firmly. That will have to wait until spring. For now, I’ve covered the hole with scrap particle board and caulk and added some screws to keep the gutter from sagging at that corner. One squirrel has been wandering around the porch in some confusion as a result – I think he can smell whatever the other squirrel managed to squirrel away up there, but can’t figure out how to get in. Hopefully he doesn’t start chewing soon, because he seems smarter than the last about avoiding the trap.

It doesn’t look pretty (nor does the rest of the stuff around it),
but it does cover the holes. The broken board on the left behind
the gutter is covered too – there’s a 2″x5″ piece on edge
screwed to the main patch.


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