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So that you know I am not dead…

…I will post to say a) I am alive, b) the house remains standing, and c) things are continually being done both inside and out. But I keep forgetting to take pictures, so a several-months-long list of things like:

  • expanded garden beds, did some light landscaping
  • hours upon hours of scintillating work scraping off old wallpaper to reveal even older wallpaper
  • old stuff of finishing painting the eaves on the front of the house
  • even older stuff about rerouting gutters
  • minor flooring additions to the attic
  • repair of a return pipe on the boiler
  • storing of lumber and beautiful walnut branches in the basement
  • … and no doubt much more.
I will take some pictures and write some tales, I promise. Just don’t ask when.

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Fans installed

Upstairs ready for new tenant arrival.

And somehow I feel like I’m just losing days of time here. I think it’s the fact that I don’t have internet at the house right now, which has been wonderful for productivity (I wander outside and weed or move things as opposed to getting distracted by or whatever… for… hours) but I think it screws with my sense of days since I don’t look at my online calender as frequently, I don’t see days listed on web news stories, etc etc.

First world problems of the Gen Y existentialist variety…

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Did things?

Did I do things? I like to think I’ve been doing things that don’t involve betraying my childhood friend and then dying in England (true story; just not mine), but I can’t say for sure.

Such nice weather today – let me get some things posted for my actual job, and then go paint something.

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Hey here’s a good idea for homeowners

No really, it’s one of those things that, if you haven’t done it already, you’ll smack your head when you read it:

Drill holes in the bottom of your garbage cans/recycling bins so rain can’t collect in them.

That’s it. I did this soon after moving into my house, although after one heavy rainstorm. It’s one of those things that you won’t notice the positive effects so much as you won’t notice the negative ones. Yes. Sentence structure.

For those craving specifics: I think I used a 3/4 inch spade bit on the recycling bins (our town uses 3 gallon buckets for recyclables), one hole dead center; and a 3/8″ or so bit several times on the bottom of the trash can. You shouldn’t be impacting the structural integrity of the can if you drill 2-3 holes spaced out from each other and avoiding any seams.

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Stuff happened…

But I was either in Hamlet┬árehearsals or sick over the weekend, and thus wasn’t really a part of them.

Work resumes on the house later today. I think.

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More wildlife

But this I’ll put up with:


What the….??

Was just sitting in my dining room when something in my semi-dark living room caught my eye. Turns out it was a bat. A bat flying about my living room, trying to get out. When/how it got into the house, I have no idea. Fortunately a quick dash around to the front door and it flew itself straight out.

Tomorrow, must check for previously unknown gaping holes in exterior…


I have not forgotten to work on my house…

And one of these days I’ll tell you all about it.

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Doors as far as the eye can see…

I need to do a catch-up post soon and clear off my camera. In the meanwhile, here’s an attempt to start posting again with a rundown on today:

– cut wood for shelf supports in shed
– cleared basement some more (tires out back; scrap metal to the pile)
– tacked plastic over the thin window in the living room – last night there were extremely heavy winds (55mph+) and the ill fitting storm for that window was no longer holding up. I need to shop around for storm windows – the company I used for the two picture windows was fine, but I think there might be better options
– moved a few things to the attic; still plenty of space on just the reclaimed lumber partial floor I put in
– discovered three more doors in the basement, bringing the total number of doors in the house but not in a doorway to six, not counting screen panels. No, I have no idea either…

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I missed posting on both Wednesday AND Thursday and now I’ve forgotten half the things I did, I’m sure. I do know I finally cleared a couple of things in the upstairs shower room and hung two mirrors I’d taken down from elsewhere – I would post pictures, but the room is kind of small and you wouldn’t get a real good sense of it. Suffice to say a) there are no longer mirrors cluttering the shower room and b) the mirrors now on the walls give it a more open and inviting feel, which it was definitely lacking before.

Minor stuff here and there. Took measurements on the window holes in the attic to prep for making some custom windows. Marked off cuts on 2x4s to use for shelving in the shed. More Kroil and more blowtorch on the stand pipe (still nothing…). Ummm… other things too, I bet.

Today was a bit of a lost day – later start, sidetracked by other projects, and then a lot of wandering Elyria looking for a plumbing supply place in the hopes of getting a couple of small radiator parts. I did manage to get a couple of floor mats for inside the doorways (note to local merchants – selling out of floor mats in December in Ohio is a good thing, and should prompt you to order MORE floor mats because it’s not like everyone in town was smart enough to buy them before now) but they need to be uncreased before I can see if they work with my doors.

Righto. A weekend awaits.

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