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Quick hits

Got started on the list of things to do that will let me do things on my big list. You’ll see. It’ll all come together soon…

Said list today included:
– cutting two 10′ 2x4s for use in the shed. Of course, these 2x4s were in the attic and I decided not to drag the circ saw an an extension cord up there…
– cut and installed ‘covers’ on two of the three attic ‘windows’ to cut down on the draft up there; it’ll be a little while before I can build the custom windows for those holes, so this is better than nothing
– took ye olde hammer outside to deal with this:

Then spent a few hours helping Marion get more things shipped so he can leave town (again).

More tomorrow. You’ll see…

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Catching up…

Winding down with my temporary work, applied for a full-time job, and juggling a few other side projects means I’ve been doing a little less on the house and posting about that with even greater infrequency. Since the last post, I’ve pulled another 20’+ of old gas pipe out of the attic, moved a number of items to the shed (despite the near freezing temperatures and snow flurries that have descended upon town) meaning I once again have a foyer and am close to having a back room, and have been dealing on and off with the pipe clog. Using a borrowed drain snake I was able to reach the clog, but it seems to be quite big and solid – hair, most likely. Repeated jabs with the augur didn’t get me anywhere. I was set to try some lye, but the stuff I had had truned into a rock and you’re not supposed to chip it out and use it. Having had no luck opening the stand pipe cover either, I think I’ll grab some washing soda, and some nasty chemical drain cleaner, when I’m at the store Sunday.

More updates as they are warranted.

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A tip…

Yes, yes, I know I said I’d be posting in this thing daily. But between work, friends in from out of town, the county fair last weekend (combine… derby….), and today’s important home improvement tip, I haven’t always been at the computer with thoughts to share.

Today’s Important Home Improvement Tip:
Do not go into your attic in the middle of the afternoon during the summer. If you do, don’t expect to get much work done.

Note: No, I didn’t pass out.

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More on the attic

This is a project list more than a list of work done. Call me on it if I haven’t followed up on any of this stuff in the next month.

1) I’m planning to replace much of the wiring in the attic – some of it is just old, the insulation on a couple of pieces appear to be a little gnawed (a while back – there’s no signs of a recent critter infestation up there), and none of the old stuff – which is most of it – is grounded. Plus this is the easiest section to reach and replace since it’s all exposed. Of course, it’s probably over 100 degrees most days up there.

2) Once the wires are taken care of I figure I’ll put in some more flooring as wanted to access the whole attic easily. I’m looking into insulation numbers too. A friend said that you typically need something like 7+ inches of blown insulation to achieve a satisfactory rating, but that would require me to either scrap all the flooring or build rails off of the joists and lay flooring on top of that. I’m wondering about the insulation factor of 2x4s, pink foam (or maybe those eco-friendly recycled blue jeans), and perhaps carpet or foam layers over the wood.

3) Question: How bad is this?

4) And here’s a fun one. The house was built around 1894, remember, so it originally had gas lights before electricity was run sometime in the 1900s. The previous owner pulled out the old piping in the rooms he renovated, but there’s still a long stretch in the attic. Actually it used to be longer, and interfered a little with the attic entrance, but half an hour with some Liquid Wrench and a real wrench got rid of 10′ and an elbow joint. I’m looking forward to pulling up the rest, including an old valve that’s still attached to one length up there. That’ll go in the curio cabinet.


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What to do with a large pile of wood

1) Build a step stool for reaching ceilings.

2) Build a sink stand for a portable slop sink (There’s a pic around here someplace).

3) Put in a temporary floor in your attic so you can move around without fear of falling through a ceiling, and store stuff for a garage sale someplace other than the laundry room.


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