24 Oct 2008

Sage advice

Years ago my grandfather said to me – and this was while I was in college – ‘Be a plumber. The world is always going to need plumbers.’ It should be noted that he was a film and television producer and did all right for himself and his family.

I don’t know if I should have become (or still should become) a plumber, but I do know this: there is no such thing as a small plumbing job. In an effort to make my non-working spigot work, I decided to seal any joints and connections along the run. I’ve found that – and maybe this is just anecdotal – poorly sealed handles and the like can cause decreases in water pressure even if they aren’t leaking themselves. In any case, it was worth a shot – some more plumbers tape, a wrench, and half an hour in the basement. Problems here were twofold, and all aspiring plumbers take note. First, the spigot was up a flight of stairs, out the back door, and around a corner, so testing it after making any adjustments required running back and forth. Have a partner, and a set of walkie talkies, to make things go faster. Second issue is an oldie but a goodie – know what’s on and what’s off. Same goes for electricity, but with plumbing you don’t have things like volt testers to remind you if you’re being a dumbass. Turn it off as early on the line as you’re willing (I should have just shut it off at the main entry line – I wasn’t using water anywhere else and the boiler was off). Long story short I’ve got a sweatshirt drying in the foyer right now. And the spigot still isn’t working well.

Also today – found a storm window that fits the empty space in the dining room window storm, and removed the broken glass from the interior sash. I think I’ll get that plastic shrink wrap for the winter though just to seal out any more drafts. Oh, and I need to caulk all the storm windows on the first floor at least to seal out drafts. Caulk is going to be my new friend this weekend. And those of you with purile minds can just leave now.

Tomorrow I’m planning on one last Lowes run coupled with a stop at an electrical supply place Dan Gregus highly recommends. If I pick up what all’s on my list right now, I should be able to cap this Project Week with a highly successful Project Weekend. Updates as they happen.

  1. #1 by mogwit on 25 October 2008 - 3:03 am

    When I was depressed and extremely obsessive-compulsive in high school, I decided I was going to be a plumber instead of going to college.

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