12 Feb 2009

Doors as far as the eye can see…

I need to do a catch-up post soon and clear off my camera. In the meanwhile, here’s an attempt to start posting again with a rundown on today:

– cut wood for shelf supports in shed
– cleared basement some more (tires out back; scrap metal to the pile)
– tacked plastic over the thin window in the living room – last night there were extremely heavy winds (55mph+) and the ill fitting storm for that window was no longer holding up. I need to shop around for storm windows – the company I used for the two picture windows was fine, but I think there might be better options
– moved a few things to the attic; still plenty of space on just the reclaimed lumber partial floor I put in
– discovered three more doors in the basement, bringing the total number of doors in the house but not in a doorway to six, not counting screen panels. No, I have no idea either…

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