14 Jul 2013

Where there is no floor

I recently checked my folder of ‘for the blog’ pictures and found three-year-old shots that were forgotten about in the midst of forgetting about posting. Ridiculous. Unacceptable. Unacceptably ridiculous, I say. This is the first of (hopefully) a series of ‘in progress’ posts, an effort to just write more and thereby reflect the amount of work actually getting done.

We’ll see if this works at all.

Let’s start this off with a side project on a much larger (and also still in progress) project. While pulling up carpet in an upstairs bedroom, I discovered that the 1920s addition on the back of the house wasn’t… quite… complete:

gap to walk inA thin board had served to cover this gap beneath the carpet that covered the room and the walk in closet created in this section of the addition – although it’s quite possible that said board was a replacement for whatever was originally tacked over this when the add-on was built. In any case, leaving a five inch gap was clearly not an option. As an additional wrinkle, the closet floorboards (top, under the carpet) were a quarter inch or so below the grade of the room’s floorboards.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to repurpose things, I cut five oak lathe boards to length, stacked two on top of each other in the closet, and lined up the other three flush, all the way across the gap:

lathe board cover

 Had to take a sawzall to one 2×4 (the angled cut in the middle of the first picture) so the boards would lie neatly, but aside from that this was a seven minute project.

It’s not done of course – the boards need to be sanded and possibly finished, and I need to figure out what, if any, transition should go between the boards and the floor(s), or over the whole thing, but for now, at least – no reason to mind the gap.

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