15 Aug 2008

Step one: Tyvek

Forty-five minutes is at least 20 minutes longer than I expected this to take:

Major sources of delay: discovering the bathroom vent pipe wasn’t solidly hooked up inside the wall (solution: snip the end of the short pipe so it could be collapsed a little and slide inside the pipe in the wall); and realizing ex post facto that a utility knife would have been a better choice to cut the paper than the shears I brought with me.

Still – some nice old wood under these shingles. I continue to indulge the fantasy of having all the shingles removed, finding not a single spot of rot or weakness or air gaps underneath, and painting the entire building to last, low maintenance, for another 100 years.

Until then, I’ll be back up on the ladder soon to put shingles over the paper. I’m looking for the answer to this question – can I use a nail gun to attach the shingles, as opposed to predrilling both shingle and the board underneath, then tapping two nails through each shingle? That’s the way the previous owner did it, but if a nail gun with the right size nails and the right pressure setting can do the job then I’ll gladly spend the money to spend that much less time.

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