07 Sep 2010

Bike rack

Here’s a quick and easy project I finished a few months ago. The old deck benches – most of which became my picnic table (which is itself an upcoming post) – included a number of 2x4s with 45-degree miters.  While flipping through woodworking plans online I found this bike rack plan that included a bunch of 2×2 sticks with 45-degree miters. The gears whirred slowly in my head and I realized I had just about enough pressure-treated wood in lengths that weren’t good for much else, some of which were practically precut.

I won’t recap the whole construction process – the steps in the linked plans are pretty straightforward.  Beyond the compound miter in the pictures, I used my trusty Craftsman table saw to rip the 2x4s to something just shy of 2x2s, and they seem to be working fine.


Room for at least three bikes if you tie up to the outsides (as the red one is in this picture).

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